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The Abffusor is the industry’s first absorptive phase grating and the best broad bandwidth hybrid absorptive/diffusive surface available. It is an extension of RPG’s research on the reflection phase grating (RPG), which provides sound diffusion from a series of divided reflective wells of equal width and different depths. This absorption phase grating topology offers efficient glancing angle reflection control and broad bandwidth absorption to create a natural sounding, attractive room treatment.


Select from industry standard and custom fabrics, fabrics with proof of performance acoustical data preferred.


The Abffusor can be mounted on a wall, in a T-bar ceiling grid, or left free standing. Type E flush mounting provides improved absorption. Hardwood feet are available for free standing installation.

Abffusor is a Registered Trademark of RPG Acoustical Systems LLC


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Hard surfaces at the first side reflection points in a listening room, such as sheetrock or wood paneling, will cause imaging and frequency response problems – otherwise known as acoustic distortion. Typical treatments, such as flat absorptive panels or stretch fabric systems, can be high frequency reflective at glancing angles. The Abffusor offers broad bandwidth absorption to minimize interfering reflections from the side wall area when positioned between the speakers and listening position.  The modulating surface topology eliminates the possibility of glancing angle high frequency energy.  Included in a comprehensive room design, among broad bandwidth sound diffusers and bass management tools, the Abffusor contributes to a highest performance scenario in room design.




There is a need for a single surface treatment that can control strong first order reflections over a wide range of frequencies.


The Abffusor solves this problem by using two absorption mechanisms and an optimized surface topology. The combined absorption mechanisms extend the functionality to the lower frequencies than flat porous absorbers. The optimized surface topology further reduces any specular energies.


  • Frictional dissapation and pressure gradient absorption mechanisms.
  • Number theory surface topology.
  • Modular and versitile.
  • Attractive design element.


Select from industry standard and custom fabrics, fabrics with proof of performance acoustical data preferred.